Getting Started with the Android WhiteMobi

First, you need to create an account at After completing the registration form, you are to confirm your email address.

When your account is created, you can start using WhiteMobi monetization tools.

  1. Create your App in our Dashboard
  2. Download the WhiteMobi SDK for your platform (mobile apps only)
  3. Integrate the WhiteMobi SDK into your app (mobile apps only)
  4. Test the integration
  5. Submit your updated app to the store, and change the app to LIVE mode in the Dashboard.

Creating an App

To create your application, log in to the WhiteMobi Dashboard and click the "Add app" button on the Apps page. You will then add the required details for your app to the dashboard.

1. Select the corresponding platform for your app

2. Past the Google Play store URL for your app. This allows us to use your app's name and icon in the Dashboard.

Note: If your app is not yet live in the store, you can bypass this by selecting the checkbox: " This App is not yet published to the Google Play”

3. Set the mode

When you add an app to your WhiteMobi Dashboard, it will remain in test mode until you integrate our SDK and set your app to live. Before going live, we recommend testing the functionality and call back.

Once you’re ready to switch to live, click Live or choose the needed mode.

  • Test mode shows WhiteMobi test campaign that is optimal for testing and does not generate any revenue.
  • Live Mode receives live offerwall ads campaigns and generate revenue.
  • Safe Mode launches the device's default browser to open the offerwall URL.
  • Inactive Mode pauses showing ads in your app.

4. Add Virtual Currency

To serve rewarded ad formats in your app, you need to define virtual currency which will be used to reward your users.

Click "Custom Currency" if you want to enter your Currency Name of the virtual items that will be rewarded the user after completing an offer (ex. coins, gold, … ).

Then type in the "Exchange rate" which is the reward amount that will be granted to the users for every dollar you receive from WhiteMobi. We recommend starting at 1 USD = 100 to make the conversion as profitable as possible for you.

5. Configure Client-Side or Server-Side Callbacks

WhiteMobi offers two methods of informing you about a users reward. In case you are managing a users balance on your own servers, WhiteMobi can send a serverside postback for every completed transaction.

To ensure that users receive their virtual currency or premium service after successfully completing an offer or payment, you need to create a callback URL on your server. WhiteMobi is going to request this callback URL whenever a new transaction has been completed.

If you are managing the users balance on the client, you can use WhiteMobi SDK to fetch the new rewards per user from the WhiteMobi Virtual Currency Server on a regular basis.